Hi everyone-

Recently our great friend Abi graduated with a master's degree, so first of all, way to go Abi.

After the graduation there was a little soiree at her home. Of course I brought along the camera, eager to try out some 'street portraiture' with the kids I knew would be there.

Today's shot is of Owen. He loves to have his picture taken and then check out the LCD on the camera. This image was originally shot in color but for some reason I had a similar white balance issue as yesterday so once I again I went with black and white after several attempts at correction.

In the end I think I end up liking it better in B&W anyway.

Have a great day!


Chuck said...

The cutest kid EVER!!

Of course I am baised a little.

pnfphotography said...

I very much like the BW work your doing with the kids - their parents would love them blown up I bet...delightful as children are.