A New Look...


Hey everyone-

Thought I'd change it up a bit. Time for a brighter approach to this blog and life in general.
So we're going to go with a white background for a while, who knows maybe for a long while.

Today's Images were shot on the way to Savannah, the day before the workshop started and on the first day. It took 10 hours to get there. It really wasn't a bad drive as I passed through the Baltimore/Washington area just before rush hour. I-95 is a straight boring road however.I met Barry, a fellow participant, Tuesday afternoon. We were going to head out to Tybee Island but it got to be a bit late so we checked out the area around the hotel and got some dinner.

Barry is a great guy and a fantastic photographer. You can see his work at www.pbase/blarmer.

The next morning, Wednesday, we headed out to Tybee and a few other spots. We hit the beach and surrounding area, then we went to Ft. Pulaski and the Bonaventure Cemetery.

In the afternoon we headed back to the hotel for the start of the workshop. After a brief introduction and discussion we headed out for our first assignment.

The images above were shot at the hotel, on River Street and at Murphy's Law a cool Irish Pup in the City Market area. The guy in the hat is known as Jack Da Hat, he's a swing singer from San Fransisco.

Then it was off to dinner and out on the town. We had a great time and got to know everyone very well. I think that I laughed more that night then the entire last month.


Nick said...

Love Tybee Island. Check my blog.

Bradley Myers said...

Okay Brian I kept mouth shut as long as I could, dang the girl with the blue eyes is HOT!!!. Did I say hot, I meant hot, hot, hot. All the photographs you have posted the last three days are great. But she just wants to make you keep looking at her. When you get back to work I have a few metadata questions for you (driving down shot).