Savannah...Day 3


Hey everyone-

I'm pretty tired tonight so I don't have a lot of energy to type a long explanation of today's images.

But I will briefly explain what went down. On this day we had to approach people in a bit of a different fashion than what we had been doing. Again the list of potential approach methods was designed to take us out of our comfort zone a bit.

Well it worked. But in the end everyone said yes and was very kind. I was amazed at the amount of people who happily said yes and the ones who said no and then yes after hearing what I was up to.

Hope you enjoy the images today...

Oh one quick note about the last image. We had been assigned an exercise that I knew wasn't going to go well for me. It didn't and I was very disappointed in myself for not doing a better job. I was actually pretty angry with myself. So when the next assignment was given I was a bit down in the dumps and not looking forward to the shoot.

But here is where the second occasion where the right people came in to my life at the right time. This couple initially declined but after I explained what I was doing agreed to be photographed. I took a few picture and then just talked to them.

We ended up talking for almost 30 minutes. We talked about everything under the sun. They told me they had known each other for 50 years and after their spouses passed away they recently married. They were very much in love and you could tell in every gesture, look and comment.

I asked if I could take a few more pictures and they said sure. I told them they had looked nice when they looked at each other. Then I asked if she would give him a kiss, she replied, "on any day of your life!" Snap, there was the best image of the day.

And it was just what I needed at exactly the right time...


Ted Byrne said...

Yeah.. yeah... yeah... the kiss is nice and all that ... BUT... I'm into that informal portrait of the guy with the golf hat and the beard. I wish you'd clean up the center of his face a tad where the twin sidelights fail to fully fill... but that guy's character irradiated by the warmth of that smile is potent. There are so many clues to his personality from his bracelets to his hair... You've captured a story arc there. ZOWIE!