Wiskey and War...


One of the highlights of the trip to Savannah was the opportunity to be up close and shoot the Train Wrecks while they performed at Jinx.

This is a great band and I highly recommend you check them out at http://www.thetrainwrecksband.com/

I decided to try some new treatments for these images. It was pretty much a big experiment resulting in spending a few hours in front of the computer trying out some new ideas on these images. I think they turned out pretty cool but I would love to hear what you have to think of them.

There are a few where I processed the same image a bit differently. I will post all of the versions and hopefully you guys will help me to decide which one is the best.


Ted Byrne said...

Ingenious use of overlays Brian. I'm guessing you've overlayed the band's play list and some grit upon their portraits?

I've not been able to control texture layers myself. The few times I've tried it the results feel way contrived and add only some pretentious layer of "meaning" to the image. I see where I've been going at it wrong.

You show here how it should be done by overlaying fact upon fact to create a multilayerd revealing moment. Hmmmmm.... That's ingenious and instructive.

My first reaction was, "Ahhhh... so that's how it's done!" Love it when that happens. I call it a "Splat! Moment". You know, when you take the palm of your hand and splat it against your forehead and yelp.... "Of Course!".

Thanks for opening the door. BTW, this series should knock the band over.

Brian Bastinelli said...


Thanks for the great feedback. The basic answer to your first question is yes...

I have some textures that I came across on the net, through photographs that I have taken and images I have scanned.

I did not use the bands playlist as I didn't see it. But I wanted the images to have text that gave that feel and it seems to have worked.

The actual writing I used was scanned from the back side of an image shot in the 1800's. It was a list of other images and some other writing.

But the list and hand writing seemed to work here so I went with it.

I do a lot of layering and playing with blending modes, opacities and masks.

Give me a call some time or drop me an email and we can talk alot more about it.

I think that if we took a little from each of our 'styles' the results could be quite interesting.

Thanks again! Have a great weekend.

Marti said...

Hi Brian,

As I told you in the email and call, I really like what you did with these images. The gritty look is so much the same look the guys have on their album cover and other publicity photos.

Hope they get a chance to see them!! Great work!!

pnfphotography said...

I very much like the TREATMENT very nice work indeed...