Wrapped In Freedom...


Hi everyone!

Sorry about missing a post there last week. Not sure how that happened other than I am too busy!

Anyway, there are a few more train station and city scenes that I wanted to post but they are being preempted to post some images from the Rally for the Troops that we attended in Harrisburg over the weekend.

I was working and we brought our tower ladder down to help suspend a giant American Flag in front of the capital building.

So of course I couldn't miss an opportunity to bring a long the camera. I also learned why Craig Tanner loves to use bucket trucks for his landscape shoots. All of the images from the rally were taken from the bucket of the tower ladder. We were about 60 feet in the air.

I loved this shot from the second I took it. I had wanted to shoot this woman's whole body but a man was in the way and never moved. As it turns out I think I like it as a cropped image.

Have a great day!


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