Conscientious Objector...


Hi everyone-

I thought this image was kinda cool. This kid who was really into being at the rally in the first few minutes soon puttered out. He had his flags and his cammo outfit but I think he might have forgotten his patience.

He wasn't objecting to what was being said, who knows if he even understands what it's all about, but he was objecting to the length of the whole thing.

I am not sure which crop I like better. I have an idea but lets see what you think.

On another note, it's off to Savannah for the Radiant Vista Street Portraiture workshop. I'll be reporting in daily keeping you up to date on the events and progress of the workshop.


Nick said...

I like the flow of focus and the centered feeling. Say hi to Craig.

Stacey Huston said...

Great images, both of them, but to me they both say diffent things. 1) lets you know it is a rally and fits with your words.
2) there is a feeling of loss to this photo that is disturbing! But a very good image..
thanks for sharing