For All The Years That You May Live...


Hi everybody-

Today's post is kinda cool for me as I had the opportunity to shoot basically the same image of the newest married couple in our family and the couple married the longest.

At the time it was taken Chris and Brittney were only married a few hours and the couple married the longest, my grandparents, have been married for 61 years.

I thought it was a neat image to have and if I can say only one thing about it, it would be to follow the example that my grandparents have set for how to lead your life. Simple, full of unconditional love for each other and for your family. I could go on and on but that's really it, that's the foundation that everything else is built on.

Congratulations to Chris and Brittney, may you have many many happy years and congratulations Grandmom and Grandpop for loving each other for all these years and setting an example we can all be proud to follow!

Pond Update-
I know it seemed strange to go into the pond update after that but it has been a few days and several of you have asked about my progress.

It has been slow as the weather, work and the million and one other things I have going on have all had their effect.

The main hole is completed. The water fall is waiting to be sealed and finished into the pond and the landscaping around it is essentially done as well.

What I have left to do:

Install the skimmer/filter
Install the under layment and liner
Attach the liner to the skimmer
Complete the water fall into the pond and seal it
Add rocks to the pond
Fill with water
Complete landscaping around the pond
Build the bridge over the waterfall

Sounds like a lot but in theory a lot of that 'should' go fairly smoothly.
The next pond update will around Monday or Tuesday.

Have a Great Weekend!