Hi everyone-

I jumped ahead a bit in the ceremonies today to the reception. The setting for the whole wedding was perfect and the reception hall was as well.

It had a rustic charm that if you know me at all you would know it was right up my alley. I kept thinking man what a cool great room this would make in a house, large and open, lots of windows, wood and stone. Very cool.

The images were shot with no flash using a Lensbaby 2.0. The lighting was low so I really credit the capabilities of the D300 for making these images possible.


Bradley Myers said...

Great job as always Brian, the D300 looks like it is going to open a whole new window of opportunities for the photographer. I like the lens baby shots and think they have their place at a wedding. Why the 2.0 and not the G3?

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks Brad. The D300 was a great investment.

The Lensbaby is a growing force in wedding photography and becoming more and more popular.

I shot witht he 2.0 because it was easier for the time I had available to get the shots. I would have liked to have shot the 3G but didn't want to be fumbling with it when I should have been shooting.

I need just a little more practice withit before I break it out at a wedding.