Great Weekend...


Hi everyone-

Hope your weekend was a good one. We had a great weekend spent with family. This weekend we got to attend my cousin Christopher's wedding, spend Father's Day at my parents house and get to a hot air balloon festival not far from home.

I got to shoot a lot of images at Chris's wedding and that will be the primary focus of my posts this week. I was not the primary photographer for this wedding but had asked ahead of time if I might be able to shoot as well.

They agreed and that's exactly what went down. Over all I am moderately pleased with the images. I already have outlined some areas of improvement needed and will continue to work on those.

As always your feedback will help me to improve as an artist so please feel free to comment.

In today's image Chris and his Mom and Dad make their way to the alter...


Jan Klier said...

Great shot.

It does look like it was done with the lensbaby? I really like how the selective focus here adds to the composition without being over the top or taking over the picture. Also the stone pilars left and right creating a sense of motion.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks Jan-

I did shoot it with the Lensbaby. I actually shot a lot of images that day with it.

I was dissapointed overall in several images as the main subject remained softer than I had hoped. I may post those images as well later.

Thanks for checking it out!