Love and Liberty...


Hi everyone-

Today's image is a bit more 'age appropriate' than some of the others. These two lovebirds were strolling around the encampment lost in their love and short time together.

The best part was the bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag that she was carrying. She quickly hid it behind his back when I set up to take the shot. I wanted to have it in the image but she said it wasn't appropriate for a lady.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the re enactment was how everyone tried to make the encampments as authentic as possible. I also enjoyed how everyone stayed in character until you approached them and even then they stayed in character until the conversation took them out.

I'll say it again and again if you have the opportunity to visit the re enactment next year I really do recommend it.

Have a great day.


Woody said...


Very cool photos from the reenactment. I've enjoyed them all...

Bradley Myers said...

Brian your post processing is amazing, did I mention earlier that I hate you ;).

Now you know why I could not stop talking about the one I went to last month. Lets find more and do a road trip.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks Woody!

Brad....Hate...young grasshopper what a strong word. You must channel your energy into good thoughts.

I know this is a hard concept but we'll keep working on it. Channel your energy and use the force....