Man, Am I Tired...


Hi everyone-

I struggled to get this post ready because I am really tired. I don't know if everyone knows but I get my posts ready the night before and post them before going to bed. Pay no attention to the post time because it is never accurate.

Anyway today ended a 4 day work marathon on my pond. And believe me it has taken it's toll. Hopefully when I go back to work tomorrow at the fire department it will be slow.

Today's image was again shot in Reading at the WWII Days. Ted Byrne had commented on, where I had posted my original image the other day, that so many of these re enactors are older than what they really would have been during the actual battle.

My wife and I had commented on that the other day while walking through the encampments. Many of the re enactors were much older or at least older looking. I was lucky enough to catch a few young people and I did get their pictures.

Today is not one of them. Although this guy is older to me he looks the part. He could be the commander, a salty old timer showing the guys the ropes. This was shot in an area with a British Flag flying. I am not sure of this guys origin though. If anyone knows feel free to let me know.

Have a great day!

Pond...Day 2 (Sunday)

After getting the trees in order and finishing the cutting out and removal of grass the next order of business was to haul dirt, and lots of it. I made many trips hauling tops soil which I then had to shovel out of the truck and into place. The temperature hovered around 96 degrees with extremely high humidity. It was not fun.

After getting most of the dirt in place I once again moved the white stone to a new spot. I used it for the hard base to the waterfall. Then I covered it with several inches of topsoil.
Also I had to install the waterfall basin. This is the tub that sits at the top of the waterfall. The water is pumped up to it, it fills up and then the water spills out and down the waterfall.

This basin had to be installed before I could go any further with the construction of the waterfall chute. It also had to be level and forward tilting. That was not a fun task.

After that was complete I buried the return hose as far as my progress had aloud me to do.

It was quite a long day but a lot was accomplished.