Pond Project - Day 1


Hi everyone-

I forgot to add the pics from my pond project when I posted today. So here are a few from day one.

This isn't going to be a how to post just a few pics here and there to show my progress. I might comment on some of the goings on but nothing to in depth at this point.

Feel free though to ask any questions if you have them.

Day 1

This is pretty much how the house looked before 'construction' began. The white area above the sidewalk is stone. It used to be spread out with a little fountain in the center. Not really my cup of tea.

I cut out the area where the bed was going to go and started shoveling up the white rock.

Once that was done it was onto digging holes for the trees and buying the trees themselves. I bought three birch trees, as close to aspens as I could get because they don't grow here. I also bought a Japanese White Pine. It's a scraggly looking thing so it was just what I wanted.

If I didn't mention before I am trying to create a little slice of the Rocky Mountains in my front yard. Since I don't think I'll be moving there any time soon and I don't get out there enough I am going to try and create an environment that will at least put me in the mood of being there.