Hey Cookie, What's For Breakfast?


Hi everybody-

Today's image was shot at the edge of the french village that was set up as the backdrop for several mock battles.

This cook was preparing breakfast for the troops and it smelled really good.

When I approached him to take his photograph he readily agreed with the on condition that I give him a second to remove items that were not period.

I agreed that would be great and he quickly removed the Styrofoam egg container and plastic jug of milk. Then he looked around to make sure he got all the items and satisfied he did he went right back to work.

One of the very cool things about the reenactment is that everyone was always in character carrying on as if we were not there. They would only leave character if we engaged them in conversation. Then they were very gracious and answered all our questions.


Bradley Myers said...

Brian, now you know why I was so excited when I told you about the event in Carlisle. Next June is a long ways off, we need to find more even if they are a couple of states away and get to shooting.

Jan Klier said...

Very cool photo and story.

You should Photoshop out the wrist watch. While wrist watches became popular around WW 1, it's unlikely someone would have worn in under those circumstances :-)

Nick said...

I like the separation between him and the background.