It's Slowly Catching Up To Me...


Hey everyone-

Finally arrived in Jackson Hole. I love it here. I just wish I was at the point where I could open up my first Brian Bastinelli Gallery here. I know that's a little ways off but I'd do it tomorrow if I could.

Well the rapid jam packed pace of our trip within a trip is catching up to me. I am tired. So I am not going to go intot a lot of detail about today's events other than we started out in West Yellowstone, the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, Old Faithful area and then through Grand Teton National Park to Jackson.

Along the way we came across two black bear, one black and one cinnimon. They were together and I angered some people, who were telling everyone that it was a griz and a black bear, that they were wrong and it was 'clearly' two black bear, 'clearly'.

I felt better after word and it reaffirms why I only really like to be here in the fall.

Up early for the sunrise so I'm going to bed.

Have a great day!


Chuck said...

Shouldn't that be one black bear and one cinnamon bear instead of two black bears?


Miss me?

Bradley Myers said...

Leave the Grizzly man alone Chuck, by the way he misses me more, LOL.

pnfphotography said...

WOW it took me a few on the bottom image but MAN i love it!!!!!! The top one is awesome too but wow..what a great crop....excellence