My Friend Stehpen Small Salmon...


Hi everyone-

Hope you had a great weekend.

On Saturday we traveled to Browning, MT to the heart of the Blackfeet Nation to attend the North American Indian Days Pow-wow.

We had a fantastic time. We stayed late in to the night and watched the grand entry and many exhibition and competitive dances.

One of the highlights of the day was being able to spend some time with my friend Stephen Small Salmon. We met last year when I approached him to shoot some images.

Again this year we shot some new images and spent some time catching up on the last year as well as discussing some upcoming projects.

Stephen has appeared in many commercials and movies and just wrapped a new film that will be out sometime in the future.

He is a great man with much wisdom and thoughts to offer, but he is also extremely kind and gracious.

I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend visiting with Stephen and look forward to seeing him again, hopefully this fall.

Tomorrow marks the last real day of vacation for us. We are heading back to Glacier (where they received snow this weekend) for the day. After that we have to get ready to start heading home.

Have a great day!


Marti said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the phone call this morning. It sounds like you and the family are having great fun!

Snow in July!! What a treat for everyone but the road crews. Although, I'm sure most of Montana is ready for summer by now.

This is a great image of your friend, Stephen. I hope he was pleased with it.

Safe travels back home.

pnfphotography said...

Brian - I like the overlay treatment on this piece very much! I look forward to seeing your other images from the pow wow.. was this one held outdoors? How do you handle the busy backgrounds that seem to come hand in hand with a pow wow?

Anonymous said...

Hi B,

Your haven't missed a thing.
Great pictures as alway's.
Can't wait for the movie.

The Time Nazi