The Sun Has Set...


Hi everyone-

Well, it has happened. The sun has set on this year's summer trip. We returned to PA on Friday and spent Friday and Saturday night near Pittsburgh at my aunt's house where family was gathering for a baptism.

We had a great time there and are really glad we stopped. Sunday we returned home and got right to the business of unpacking, catching up on household chores and preparing for the up coming week.

Today, well it's back to work.

I wish I could say I was happy to be here. I'm happy to be able to see my friends but seriously, I need to get out of here!!!

The fresh, low humidity air, the scenery, the abundance of wildlife, the laid back lifestyle, it really has an overwhelming effect on you. Well at least me. Someday I am going to be living that lifestyle. Sooner than later I hope. I know some of you have heard this before, but if you really know me then you will understand that this is where I need to be.

Today's image was shot on the evening of July 4th on the Belview Road just a few miles outside of Choteau, Mt. It's a nice place to go watch the sunset. There are no buildings, only rolling hills with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. It's quite and peaceful, a great place to end the day.

I apologize for the quality of the image today. I am working between my Mac and PC and obviously there are some quality issues to deal with. Hopefully after all images are transferred that should clear up.

Have a great week!


Patsy and Jim Pierce said...

really beautiful sunset, I wish my wife and I were there now. The picture looked like it was taken out on the ocean.