Starvin' Bass Player...


Hi everybody-

Well we made it to Des Moines, Iowa tonight. We ended up being about two hours behind where I would have liked to have ended up but we made several worth while stops in Rapid City as well as Wall, South Dakota.

So it was not for not. Tomorrow we are heading out early and should arrive home in the evening sometime. It will be nice to get out of the vehicle for a while. The downside...I can already feel the humidity and I'm remembering quickly why I dislike it so much!

Today's images are of Zach Shedd. He is the bass player for Tim Montana's band. He's based out of Nashville, TN and a real cool guy. I caught up with him when the band played a gig in Choteau, MT on the 3rd of July. The title of today's post isn't a shot at Zach rather just something he'd understand.

I shot a ton of images during the show as I had great access to all sides of the stage. I will post more images later as I would like to post process them a bit more once I get back home.

Well I got to hit the sack. One more long day and the drive will be over...whoo hooo!

Have a great day!


pnfphotography said...

fun travels... and from your images it looks like you had a most excellent time!!!

Nick said...

A new job as a band photographer?