The Ride Home...Day 1


Hi everyone-

We left Montana today and made it to Rapid City. Our start was a little later than planned because we were up late visiting with relatives.

So our planned arrival was pushed back by a few hours.

The last part of the ride was pretty cool as we trailed a huge thunderstorm for several hours. The lightning was spectacular. We didn't hit any rain to speak of as we were always a few miles south of the storm.

Day two will is going to start a little earlier we are going to Prairie Edge, a fantastic store that deals in American Indian art and items. Then we'll travel to Wall, SD to visit the Wounded Knee museum before heading east to an as of yet undetermined stopping point.

Today's image strikes a cord with me because it reminds me of the sadness that many American Indian's carry with them from day to day.

I love to shoot images of tribal elders because thier faces so often tell so any stories and are full of such character.

I can only imagine the changes they have seen, the experiences they have had and the lives that they have lived.

Have a great day!


Chuck said...

What no stop at the Corn palace in Mitchell, SD?

pnfphotography said...

I agree... this is wonderful I have enjoyed seeing all your Native American Images.... excellent...thoughtful... and wonderful