1 Day Until YORKFEST Arts Festival!!


Hi everyone-

Here is a last minute reminder about Yorkfest:

I am going to have a booth at the YORKFEST ARTS FESTIVAL 2008 on Saturday and Sunday August 23rd and 24th in downtown York, PA.

I will be on the Rail Trail just off of Market Street between Market and King Sts.

I will be selling my images in various sizes, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14,20x30 as well as note cards.

I would really love to see you there. There are many talented artists who will have their works on display as well as great entertainment and food.

Today's image was shot at the North American Indian Days Pow-Wow in on the Blackfoot Reservation in Browning Montana. The young girl in the image is a Shaw dancer. They are one of my favorite dancers to capture.

Their costumes are colorful and their moves mostly slow and predictable with occasional spinning that can make for nice blur shots.

On Another Note:
During my recent tirades about poor customer service I mentioned a company that I really like alot, Mission Playground. Well they responded by sending me the shirts and a quick apology and a thank you.

So I wanted to say that the slate is clean with me and them and I love them as much as I did before. Thank you Mission Playground.

If you like shirts and clothing that has a social conscious then check them out.

I will be wearing one of their shirts each day at the Yorkfest Arts Festival this weekend (so long as the humidity doesn't go sky high and I have to change to UnderArmor.

So thanks again Mission Playground, you rock!


Chuck said...

Thank you for the idea.

I will be blogging about Mission Playground today in order to get my free shirts as well!

Is there a link to shirt raito? Three links in one post = three shirts?

Glad this worked out for you.

Aaron Bastinelli said...

Good luck at the festival this weekend! Hope everything goes well. I'd make it out if I was in PA, but I'm in Wisconsin until Monday.

Tell everyone I say hello!

Ted said...

You're out there now, right? And the weather is magnificent. Hope there are tens of thousands cramming the streets. Unfortunately I'm working this weekend... which is frustrating since the Red Rose city is so close its white rose sister,yet so far away when other stuff ties me down.

Hope you're making a fortune and selling out a mass of inventory. Good luck buddy.


pnfphotography said...

you pow wow work is sooo beautiful I just love it.... I am also so happy for you and am glad you had a successful show. I am thrilled for you !