General Custer and His Baby Blue...


Hi everybody-

A little late posting today, sorry about that. Worked a little overtime last night, so I just got home.

Today's image is of General George Armstrong Custer and his dog, Baby Blue.

Well actually it is a photograph of Dale Harrison, my high school history teacher and his dog Baby Blue. You didn't think I had a time machine did you?

This image was shot recently at the Eckly Miner's Village Civil War re-enactment near Freeland, PA.

Dale plays the role of General George A. Custer as well as selling various products related to re-enacting at these events.

I have to credit 'Mr. Harrison' for really helping to develop my love of history, especially that of the American West.

He was the most interesting and sought out teacher in our school at the time. He was casual, loud, funny and what you might call a maveric amoung the other stuffy high school teachers of the day.

I thougholy enjoyed his classes and am very glad that I got to spend a few hours with him recently at Eckly.

I wanted to shoot a portrait of him as Custer and he suggested that we shoot it with his dog as Custer was often photographed with his dogs. I then aged the image to appear as if it might have been shot back in the day...

Hope you enjoy.


Barry Armer said...

Great pose and treatment Brian! You certainly had the dogs full and undivided attention! Were you holding a pork chop? :-)


Nick said...


Well done. Looks like it might be Custer. Nice aging the image.

Denise said...

Wish I had a teacher like that when I was at school. Very cool shot of him and his dog.

pnfphotography said...

This dog is amazing looking and he looks like he belongs to his owner for sure they look a lot alike. Gosh I have been out of school forever and wish I had had a teacher that had inspired me. I could not get out of school fast enough LOL