Hi everyone-

Well today was a much better day. Pretty uneventful and laid back. We are having a bit of a fair weather streak here in South Central PA, cool temperatures, low humidity and sunny skies.

It was a nice day to just pull up a chair and relax outside a bit.

Recently I shot some images of our friend Steph for my portfolio. I will be posting a few images of her over the next few days.

This image was shot with available light, which was two fairly bright street lamps, and a small hand held silver reflector.

As always your feedback and comments are welcome...


Steve said...

very nice. you did a great job here. very moody and dramatic. i love her expression. that made the shot in my mind. looks like steph was a good model.

Bradley Myers said...

I also like it Brian, I think the lighting on her face is very good. Get healed and hurry back.

Barry Armer said...

Very nice Brian! Great job with the placement of Steph in the shot. I assume one streetlight was directly behind her head, the the other was in front to the left and you used the reflector on the right for fill? I'm terrible at "reading" light but I still like to try an guess anyway. :-) However you did it, it turned out great!


Jan Klier said...

Great shot, especially since you only worked with available light.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey everyone-

Thanks for your comments. Steph was a good model.

I look forward to working with her in the future. There were a lot of ideas that we just didn't get to because of getting dark.

Barry you hit the nail on the head. That's exactly how it was shot.

We were in an alley that had old style street lamps along the east side right against a building. They were very bright and very white light.

I placed Steph with one behind her to light her hair and then angled her so the one on the left would provide the light on her face.

The reflector was to the right in the photo and provided just a little fill on that side of her face.

I have some more images shot around the same time with interesting available light. The seem to be rising to the top as my favorites from the shoot.

Thanks for checking them out.