Hi everyone-

Sorry about missing a post yesterday. I was a little busy working on a project that needed to get done and just didn't get the image ready for a post in time.

So today is a two for one day to make up for it. It's also the last of the wildflowers for a while. I have a ton of other images to share.

On another note I firmed up the plans for my fall shooting schedule. This year I will be hitting Savannah, GA, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Austin, Tx. It should be a lot of fun but a bit of a grueling travel schedule.

One thing I need to get done and soon is clean out unnecessary images currently in storage and increase my storage capacity. On the last trip I shot over 5,000 images. Eventually I cut that down to just over 3,000. I will over time further cut images but there will still be quite a few around for some time.

Have a great weekend!


Jan Klier said...

Great colors, especially the first photos - it's just there to tease you, but not right in your face.


Leora said...

These flowers are so luminous, so excellent. The kind of field a painter tries to capture on canvas.