Two Medicine Wildflowers


Hi everyone-

Hope everyone is doing well. Today's image is from Glacier National Park. Well it was actually taken from the Blackfeet Nation just outside the park looking in to the Two Medicine area of Glacier.

The wild flowers were fantastic in this area and we were just a few days early. I am sure it got even better.

One of the larger mountains on the center-right side of the image is Triple Divide Peak. This is where waters that originate on the upper part of the mountain have the ability to go to one of three bodies of water . They are the Atlantic and Pacific and Hudson Bay and eventually the Arctic Ocean.

Have a great day!!


HFD60 said...

great pictures Brian. keep them coming, I can't wait to see the rest.

Marti said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for the lovely image of the Two Medicine area -- one of my all time favorite places to be.