Civil War Details...


Hi everyone-

First off thanks so much to everyone who visits and comments on Sky Watch Fridays.

I love looking at every ones cool images and I am really glad you stopped by to check mine out. If you looking for the Skywatch post it's the one below this post.

Today I am posting two images that I shot at the Eckley Miner's Village. These were shot in a confederate camp. While I was standing around talking with several of the re-enactors I started to notice the intricate details that had been put into making these guys appear just as they would have over a hundred years ago.

The first is a worn pair of boots that I am sure have seen miles and miles of marching. The second is a small satchel that is inscribed with battle locations as well as the unit the owner was with.

Hope you enjoy the images, have a great day!


Catherine said...

Great captures! I love the first image of the worn boots! ( It's all in the details!) :) You have a great eye!

Bradley Myers said...

Great photographs as always Brian, you have really mastered the art of aging as I have (mine is just me aging), LOL.

Fish Whisperer said...

Very cool aging effects. It looks very authentic.