Fireweed, Shadow Mountain...


Hi everyone-

Hope you all had a great weekend.

We had a fun time going to the York Fair on Friday evening. It rained Saturday as Tropical Storm Hanna passed by so we spent the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese's and had a lot of fun there too.

Today's image was shot several years ago along the dirt road that takes you up the side of Shadow Mountain on the east side of Jackson Hole.

I didn't really feel like doing a traditional photograph for today so I thought I'd add another image to my Aspen Dreams series. Hope you enjoy it. As always I really appreciate your comments.


So I have recently been on a kick to discover some new music talent, not because I am a music producer or anything like that because I'm not, but rather to just find some great new music that I can listen to.

Most of the stuff I have come across lately has been thanks to Myspace and just spending time checking out some of the thousands of groups listed there. I'll talk about some for them in future posts.

Today I want to mention two groups that I have come across this week in other ways. Hopefully you will check them out at their websites or on itunes because they are really worth a listen. They might not be for everyone and that's cool but they are really talented.

The first group is Pete and J. They are out of Brooklyn, NY. I came across them on Labor day performing at the Kipona Festival in Harrisburg. They have a folky kinda feel, some say like Simon and Garfunkel yet there is something different, a more modern take, a much cooler feel. I really am likin' them right now.

Check out there website, Songs that I really like: No More One More Chance, Pennsylvania Sun, Sentimental Love Song, and Lies and Ancient Words. These are all off their new release, Dressed For Conversation.

The second group that I want to mention, Scrapomatic, I came across while reading my friend Craig Tanner's blog. He happened to catch this group in Atlanta recently and was "blown away". I thought I would check them out on that review and became and instant fan.

Scrapomatic is a mix of Blues, Americana and Jazz both urban and country. It's an eclectic sound but one that is definitely worth a try. As soon as I heard one song I went to itunes checked out their album and bought both their latest and last releases.

I really like their songs: Louisiana Anna, Grave Yard Blues, God Damn Job and I Want The Truth.

Here's a Youtube video of Louisiana Anna: