I Just Can't Decide...


Hi everyone-

Today I just can not come to a good decision on which of these images I like the best. I have studied them over and over and there is just something I like about each of them that prevents me from picking one that I like the best.

I was hoping you guys could help me out. I did not number them but if you start on the top row left as 1 then go from there through 5. I would really appreciate your comments and opinion on this as always.

The image was shot at the Eckley Miner's Village and the gentleman was at a tent where the ladies were sewing. I am not exactly sure what part he was portraying other than maybe a townsman or something like that.

Have a good day, see you in a little while for the Skywatch post...

I recently missed the 1st Anniversary of my blog. I started this blog last year on August 26th.

I really had no idea what I was getting into or how much fun I was going to have or how many great people I would meet over the next year because of it.

I started out posting one image each day but because of travel and internet access sometimes I missed a few days. So I would post multiple images on one day. Later in the year I realized that viewership was way down onthe weekends so I scaled back to just posting on weekdays. In all I have made 306 posts to date.

Here are a few other interesting statistics:

There have been 2,411 absolute unique visitors, over 10,000 visits and over 20,000 page views. The daily avaerage for visits is about 27 with the highest amount on one day being 63 visits.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog. I love posting and reading your comments. They really help me to grow as an artist.

I am looking forward to another great year of blogging. Please pass on this blog to your all your friends and family. I'd love to double my readership this year!!!

Thanks you so much!


Woody said...

I like #5. I always enjoy your black and white shots that you take. The way you process them makes them stand out...

Just my .02

Bradley Myers said...

TOOOOOOO many chioces, you need to slow it down for me I can't think that fast. I would say four of five and tend to lean towards Woody's pick.

Chuck said...


HFD60 said...

I like #5 the best....

Barry Armer said...

Hi Brian!

IMO the edge treatment goes better with the older appearance of one of the monotone versions of the photo. I'll buck the trend and go with number 4 (magenta hue) as my first choice and #5 (B&W) as my second.

Congrats on making it to your one year anniversary on the blog! Keep posting great photos!


Jan Klier said...

I think #3 is the strongest.

In #1 & #2 the red is too saturated. In #2 the hand skin color has an orange cast.

#5 is a very classic B&W which works well, thoguh I'd try the different channels to find more contrast, particularly in the face.

#4 works better than #5 because of the slight sepia toning, which I personally prefer over a plain B&W.

That brings me back to #3 - it has the best contrast, makes good use of the color, but the color is not overwhelming.


Arija said...

I fully agree with Jan. The third one brings out the charater best, more like an artist's tinted black & white adding the interest of the gentle tones of the vest. Over all, it gives more character to the gentleman as well as his surroundings turning it into an interesting portrait.

Happy anniversary.

Liked your very colourful skywatch shot too.