Savannah Wrap Up...


Hi everyone-

Sunday was my last day in Savannah. I had a great time, met some really cool new people. I also finally got to meet some people I had been corresponding with from Radiant Vista.

The workshop was a great success and I took away a lot from it. Not only a lot of lighting related information but some great new friendships.

Today's images were shot at Murphy's Law, a great Irish Pub in the Market District of Savannah. The first image is Cowboy Bob. He's a street musician who has some really great county songs that are really cleaver and funny. This is hands down my favorite image of the week.

The second image is of some one you have seen before on this blog. It's Issac Hayward, or as some people say The Candy Man. A legend in Savannah Hayward is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. I am really glad that I got to spend a little time with him this week. My life is always better for having done so.

I got into Denver late last night and today my friend Brad and I will be heading to Yellowstone. There we'll meet Moe Witschard and Ben Hake fro a few days of shooting there.

I will post as often as I can but considering I'll be staying in a tent I am not sure how often that will be.

Have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Great shots Brian! The top one could easily be an album cover for the performer!

Looks like your epic vacation is off to a great start!


Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks Barry. We had a great time in Savannah.

I'll fill you in on everything in Austin.

Hope all is well with you and you family. I see you made it through the storm ok. We talked about that several times while in Sav.

I met Charlie Gibson from your camera club. He was in our group. He's a great guy!

See you soon!!

Steve said...

that shot of cowboy bob is beautiful. man, did i miss a workshop. great stuff.

Marti said...

Hi Brian --

Thanks so much for coming down to the workshop. It was great seeing you - even briefly before I left. I love both of these shots. Like Barry said, the one of Guitar Bob could be an album cover. And, of course, I love the shot of Heyward!! Any shot of that man is so filled with his energy and wisdom!!!

Safe travels out there and see you in Austin in a few weeks.