Finally A Few Minutes And The Internet...


Hi everyone-

I am reeaally Sorry about the long delay in posting. I have had really limited access to the net over the last week. On days that I have had access we have been so busy with the workshop and shooting that there was no time to post.

I got to Colorado last Monday. I spent Monday night and Tuesday at Rocky Mountain National Park. I got some good shots there but haven't been able to get them processed yet. Hopefully I can get to them over the next few days.

On Wednesday I flew to Savannah for the Radiant Vista Location People work shop. We have been busy with classroom and shooting since. It's been a great but challenging few days.

The images above are a few from some of the shoots we did on Thursday.

Hope you enjoy them, I'd love to hear your feedback!!!

Have a great day!


Woody said...


Hope your enjoying the trip. The first photo is my favorite out of the 3...

Bradley Myers said...

Hey Brian good to hear from you. I wanted to call you a couple of times this week but I didn't want to disturb the class.

The photos look good, and I hope you are learning something you can pass along to me and having fun.

So you Sunday.