'We Gotta Job'


Hi everyone-

Running a little late again today, but I wanted to post some shots that I got yesterday in the City of Harrisburg.

I was attending the Kipona Festival along the river front when I noticed dark black smoke drifting over the downtown. It looked like it was pretty close by and might actually be something burning downtown.

After going to investigate a little further I realized that somethign was burning down in the Cameron Street corridor. A little further than I had thought it would be.

So after jogging to station 6 to get my truck I made it over to the fire with only a few moments to get some shots before I had to report for work.

These are a few that I liked. There are a ton more on my fire website, http://www.fire-ground.com/
I am posting the images there and will provide a direct link to the gallery as soon as they are done.

Have a great day!


Woody said...

Excellant Shots as usual Brian...