Fall Color and Crickets...


Hi everyone-

I thought that today I would get back to just posting images and talking about them after yesterdays crickets chirping.

This image was shot this fall along the Teton River in the Bob Marshall Wilderness west of Choteau, MT.

There are a lot of cotton wood trees in the area and they turn a nice golden color in the fall. Shortly after this image was taken Brad and I headed out to try and locate a beaver lodge in the area. We were not successful in locating the lodge but were were in finding something else.

It was the largest pile of grizzly poop I have ever seen. And of course you know what a huge pile of poop means, huge bear.
We were really surprised at the size of the pile especially since we were off trail and working our way through dense woods and thick willows.

The good part was that the pile was at least a few days old. It just served to remind us exactly where we were...in the wild.

Have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Beautiful shot Brian! Great composition and color and as always great post-processing!

PNF Photography said...

what beautiful color!!!