Looking East...


Hi everyone-

Well the time has finally come to look east and start heading in that direction. Of course it had to happen but it still would be nice to just stay, have the girls come out and say...welcome to you your new home...

But that's not going to happen, at least for now. So today I'll start heading back. I should make it to Kansas City today I hope.

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting last full day in Colorado. I headed out to GSDNP and then took a dirt road, well sand road that leads you around to the back side of the park.

The road eventually travels over the mountain pass and comes out in the valley east of the park. After talking with some gentlemen that I gave a ride to I decided to continue up the road to ext the park that way. I am glad I did because I ran into a heard of Bighorns and a very cool Beaver Pond.

But the road certainly put me driving skills as well as the toughness of the truck through its paces. Several times I though I was crashing for sure and of course I got off the trail and took a lengthy detour to a dead end. When I eventually got back to where I made the wrong turn I discovered that the road I should have taken had not been driven on for some time and that I would be driving through fresh snow which would hide many of the hazards.

It didn't go too bad except for the rock that busted off the electrical port for a trailer in the back of my truck. I think that is the only real damage done but I haven't been able to fully examine the truck yet.

Oh and there was the huge tree across the road. By this time I had way to much time and effort invested to turn back. And it would add hours to my trip. So I scouted out the adjacent woods, moved a few down trees that I could move and off roaded it through the forest around the tree across the road.

After that there were a few more downed trees but there was just enough room to squeeze past. Eventually I made it out and on to the highway.

This little foray into the woods definitely ranks as the number one adventure of the trip. I just wish I would have video taped it so people could see the just how crappy this road was.

Speaking of roads, I need to get on one and get driving. Have a great day!


Chuck said...

I am surprised that Japanese "truck" was able to amke it off-road!

Picking up strangers? What are you nuts? What if it had been a serial killer or domestic terrorist?