Hi everyone-

Today I want to take a little bit of your time to talk about changes. First of all it is snowing. They had mentioned snow flurries on the news last night but we have at least an inch and it is still coming down. So change#1 is that winter is arriving. I know some of you are like 'what an inch of snow--winter, what is he talking about!?' But its all relative to where your at.

The funny thing is that I had actually planned on mowing my grass today. I had raked all the leaves and wanted to get the last remaining ones and thought well I'll mow and that will be it for the season. Guess not...

So on to the big changes I wanted to mention. As you may have noticed the blog looks a little different today. Recently you might have noticed I was playing with different color schemes here and there. Well with the new website launching soon I wanted to have a consistent look to my sites.

So after some testing and the further development of my main site I have finally made the changes. This is the new look and feel of the blog and it is a bit of a hint to the new site.

I can tell you that the site is about the images. I think you will really enjoy the way they are presented. For those of you with smaller monitors though, the images and the site might be a little big. I would not recommend using a resolution under 1024x780.

I am working diligently on getting the sight ready for a December 1st launch date. Hopefully we can stay on track for that.

The last big change is the new focus on family, children and wedding portraiture that I have been making. I am developing Brian Bastinelli Photography as my future and a working hard to promote the business to those in need of a photographer.

I will not just be shooting families, children and weddings. I am available for a wide variety of shoots. Seniors, advertising, events, location, product, landscape- you name it. The new site will offer great features including information pages on my schedule and availability, rates, and the type of work that I do.

Please pass on my information to anyone that you know who might be interested in a photographer. I would love to talk to them.

Thank you for being here and checking out my blog. I love to hear from you and I appreciate your visits. I am looking forward to a new direction, look and feel here and I hope you are as well.

Today's image was shot this past summer along the Teton Canyon Road, looking west to the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Ear Mountain. This are has special meaning to me as it is a place that my family has lived in or frequented for years. My grandmother and her family lived very near the base of Ear Mountain when they were kids and really did walk through snow, up hill barefoot to school each day. My cousins live here full time now and another set has a cabin here and spends most of their time here.

Part of my families original homestead still exists very near this spot. This area is one of my favorite places to visit. I love to come up here and just look imagining what it was like when they first moved here and then lived at this beautiful location.

Have a great day!


Tanya said...

Another amazing shot! Best of luck with your photography career, but from the looks of the pictures on your blog, you won't need any luck at all!