Cold Hard Cash...


Hi everyone-

I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a lot of fun and got a bunch of stuff done here. The weather was kinda crappy so we were able to get some stuff done inside and I was able to start the new website project. More on that later but it's coming soon...

So this past summer I was able to shoot two great shows while I was in Choteau, Montana. Each year the town puts on a concert on the 3rd of July. This year the main act was Tim Montana, a breakout country singer from Montana of course.

The opening act was from Great Falls, Montana, a band called Cold Hard Cash. They are a Johnny Cash tribute band and do an awesome job. I really enjoyed there show.

David Letterman was in the audience as well and apparently also found them entertaining. So much so he booked them on his show this week. They will be appearing on Late Night With David Letterman on Tuesday the 18th of November at 11:30 EST.

If you get the chance you should really check them out.

I recently worked up some images for them and this week I'll be posting some of them here along with some video clips.

Today's image is of Merle Travis Peterson the lead singer and guitar player for the group. The image was shot from a good distance away using my80-400mm lens. I processed it in Lightroom and Photoshop. I added some textures as well as some distressing and a nice border.

Hope you have a great week, don't forget to check them out!


Anonymous said...

Cool Photo

I love the band

PS: when I go to google and tyoe in Cold Hard Cash I get a different band ... they are fantastic as well.

But not our Montana boys :)