Happy Thanksgiving...


Hi everyone-

Today's image is of Bird Woman Falls in Glacier National Park taken from the Going To The Sun Highway this July.

I hope everyone has a great day but I really hope that if you are celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday that you have the opportunity to spend some time with your family and enjoy every moment. We have to remember to be thankful today for the things that are truly important.

Nothing is really more important than our families. No matter who or how your family is made up, it is important to take a few moments today to pause and be thankful for what they bring to you and you to them. Our families and closest friends are the ones who are there day in and day out. For many of us they have played the most important roles in making us who we are.

I for one am more thankful than you know to have the family that I do and for their love and contributions to my life.

This Thanksgiving we are praying for my grandfather who is currently hospitalized and will not be able to join the family for Thanksgiving Dinner. But we will instead bring Thanksgiving to him.

I hope you all have a great day!


Woody said...

Happy Thanksgiving Brian. Hope you have a quiet night if your working..

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks Woody. You do the same.

Working the daylight tour. It's been steady so far.

Three oven fire's and some other stuff. The local Temple supplied us with Thanksgiving Dinner.

I'm sure if you watch the news tonight you can watch us shoveling it in...

PNF Photography said...

beautiful what a great name for the fall...