Glacier On My Mind...


Hi everyone-

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Holiday. Ours was a bit crazy and a few things went down that we could have done without but we were still had most of our family together and that is what was important.

My grandfather is doing better. Seems the doctors have gotten a bit closer to figuring out everything that is going on with him which is good. So we are moving forward. Cree is up and down with her illness, she had some high fevers over the weekend but seems to be doing OK.

Now it's raining. Of course the two days that I am off in a run of 20 it is going to rain....go figure. Hopefully today will be a bit better and I can get some of the Christmas decorations up outside.

So I can't seem to get Glacier National Park off my mind these days. I have been revisiting some images that I shot this summer and fall at the park. It is just a spectacular place and I can't seem to get enough of it. This image was taken on the western side of the Going to the Sun Highway in July.

Oh, for those of you who are on Facebook you can check me out there as I have finally gotten a FB page. It has been really cool connecting with friends from high school, many of who I have not seen in almost 19 years.

Have a great day!


Woody said...


Very cool photo. It was cool to finally be able to meet you. I look forward to my next visit.

I know your a busy man, when you have time, can you take a look my attempt to age a photo and let me know what you think??