Snow On December 1st?


Hi everyone-

So was there snow on December 1st? Not here. A few areas around us got a significant hail storm and we had a pretty good wind and rain storm this afternoon, even thunder and lightning.

But no snow. I know some of you are not looking forward to the snow, but I can not wait. SO I decided to post an image with snow in it today. Maybe Mother Nature reads the blog and will have a little mercy on my and offer up some snow.

Funny thing about the image, it was taken on July second of this year. It was shot along the big drift just east of Logan Pass on the Going To The Sun Highway. The snow drift was still at least 75 feet at that point. It was crazy. We were walking through 9 and 10 foot deep cut outs in drifts around the Logan Pass visitor center.

Now I'm not asking for that here cause we all know no one in PA is able to handle that. But a few feet would be great. Any time now Mother Nature, any time now.

So I finished putting up the outside Christmas lights today. I think it looks pretty good. Not over the top but festive. If it snows I'll got out an take a photo of the house at night. (don't hold your breath for that)

SO now we will move on this week to the inside decorations, the tree(s) and all of the other stuff.

This is one of my favorite times of year.

OH! I almost forgot...I knew there was a reason I have such a string dislike for cats. Yesterday morning Tonya saw a very drenched black cat standing next to our pond. Apparently he had some problems while on a fishing foray in our pond. We did not witness this but I'm thinking he fell in. Good for him.

He didn't get anything as all the fish are accounted for. But he didn't learn his lesson either. He was back early in the afternoon. But my dog was able to create enough havoc at the front window that he didn't get that close.

I guess today I'll have to get out the BB gun and the war paint. Maybe we'll have Chinese for dinner tonight...