ATT Silos...



Hi everyone-

I wanted to up date this post a bit. I was on reserve battery power on the laptop last night at work and realized I hadn't made my post for today yet. So I quickly through it up so the early birds would catch it.

The image was shot last summer southeast of Choteau, MT. To the east of the Rocky Mountain Front there are fields that go on forever. Sporadically in those fields there are ranches, homes and the occasional set of silos. I like this image at the time for the way the silos decreased in size.

Little did I know that there would be a major ad campaign featuring images with similar scenes for ATT later in the year. This would have been good shot for them to shoot at.


Today marks my 365th post to the blog. I have been posting for over a year since back in September but due to my travels and sometimes limited Internet access some days had several days worth of posts in one, or did not have a post at all. So today I have finally reached 365 posts. Woo-hoo I know your excited!

Have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Great shot Brian! I love the composition and colors!

Congrats on your 365th post! I suspect that a lot of bloggers never get there!


Gordon said...

Good stuff. keep it up. more posts!