McDonald Creek



Hi everyone-

I'd like to say thanks to those of you who commented or emailed me about yesterday's image. I'm glad you liked it. Since everyone seemed to, I thought I'd post another similar image that shows a bit more of the area where it was shot.

I wanted to take a moment and address Larry's comments. First off I want to say that I love Larry's work. So I really appreciate the fact that he has taken the time to comment.

This and yesterday's images are not HDR at least in the true sense of the word. But the processing somewhat leans in that direction.

I have not really talked a lot about how I accomplish the look of the images I produce on a wide scale or in this blog for a few reasons. I haven't done this to hide the techniques because they are quite simple and widely used.

First off is the convoluted way that I often arrive at the end result. I am not an expert in the ways of photoshop and often arrive at the result in not the most direct ways. So I don't really want to lead people astray by my lack of formal knowledge in photoshop.

Secondly that being said I am working on some ways to pass along this type of information. That is going a little slower than I had hoped but should be coming up soon.

So I haven't really wanted to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. In the mean time feel free to email, call or whatever and I'll do my best to pass on information.

And of course stay tuned for more info...

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.