#372 Colorful Savannah...



Hey everyone-

Today's image was shot in Savannah, GA this past September. We were just hanging out in a local drinking establishment after a long day of shooting.

I had my camera with me but wasn't really intent on shooting until this guy walked in of course. As soon as I saw him I thought he'd be a great subject.

I looked around a bit and found a good background. I wanted it to be as colorful as possible because I though that this guy more than likely had a colorful past and story.

After locating the are where I wanted to shoot I approached him and asked if I might take his photograph. He was really cool and agreed. He had no problem coming up with his 'look'. I'm sure he's done this before.

I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Barry Armer said...

Great shot Brian!

I really love this street portrait turned fine art! Great composition, color and post-processing!


Stacey Huston said...

Very colorful image.. the photo and the man..lol thanks for sharing. and thanks for asking his permission. I am a photographer and nothing irritates me more than being out in public and someone rudely taking pics of my family..without asking.. and yes saddly it happened twice this summer.. what is up with that..

Larry Patrick Photography said...

I really like the background. It really sets the subject off. Good work.