#374- L2t-Listen 2 Three



Hi everyone-

I wanted to let you know about a cool new band we listened to back in September while in Savannah, GA. The group is called Listen 2 Three.

They describe themselves as "A blend of blues and rock with a hint of acoustic love and a pinch of jazz & funk." I really like these guys and I think they have a sound that is going to take them far. Plus the energy they put into their live shows is amazing.

The group is made up of Cam Brooks, lead vocals/guitarist, Colin Motlagh, Bass/Back-up Vocals, and Alex Mason, Drums/Back-up Vocals.

We had a fantastic time at the show and I really look forward to hearing more from them and since they're in the studio recording their first CD I'm thinking you'll hear them soon. you can check them out at www.listen2three.com

The image was shot with a Nikon D300 and a 50mm 1.4 lens and processed in Lightroom2.0 and Photoshop Cs3.

Have a great Day!

Here is a new video for the song: Made for Me

Listen 2 Three "Made for Me" Music Video from Joshua Jasso on Vimeo.