#373- Who Owns You?


Hi everyone-

Today's post was shot back in October while I was in Austin, TX. We had decided to hit this one area downtown that has a ton of bars, restaurants and nightlife to do some shooting.

Well as you can imagine there is quite an eclectic crowd in this area and with that occasionally some risque activity. This is pretty much the norm as thousands of people flood the area each weekend evening.

During our time there my friend Barry Armer met a man named Mark. He was there to talk to people about God. At first you might see him and pass by thinking that he's someone who is a bit off their.

Though with Mark you would be doing both him and yourself a disservice. Initially we approached mark as he was preaching loudly on the corner. When we asked if we might take his photograph he was hesitant and questioned why it was we wanted his photograph. He was immediately under the assumption that we were making light of him and his beliefs in some way.

Now I am not overly religious but at the same time I respect this mans views, religion and rights to preach it here or anywhere else. After explaining who we were and that we were documenting the area and its people that night and that he was as much a part of that as anyone there he agreed to be photographed.

We also took a little time to talk with him and get to know him. Mark is a great guy who deeply believes in his religion and God. He is truly excited to share that with others. He is not at all what you think he might be as you approach him on the street.

I enjoyed my 20 minutes or so with him and I am better for having done so.

One of the truly amazing things about street and people photography is what you can learn about others and yourself by approaching and getting to know the strangers along your way. Most times people just walk by people like Mark or a homeless person or street performer or even just a guy walking down the street and never give them a second glance.

But if you take a few moments to talk to these people amazing things can happen.

Have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Great shot Brian! Seems like we were just there doesn't it?

I really like how you captured the connection between Mark and the passerby as Mark hands out his pamphlet! Also I like the point of view; I don't think I even noticed his shirt had writing on the back while we were there!