#377- Ezekiel



Hi everyone-

While I was in Austin this year I was walking down the street and a man came upon me. He stopped me and asked if I would photograph him.

In the process we spoke for nearly 45 minutes. I learned his story, his past, his present and what he dreamed his future would be like.

This man's name was Ezekiel and he had recently been released from prison. He admitted he had done wrong over the years and had done so at great expense to his life and that of his family.

Ezekiel had spent man years in prison for a crime that he was involved with early i his life led to the death of another man. The story of this crime is long and I won't go into it now but know that he had served his time of 25 years and been released.

In the years after his release Ezekiel got a job, found a wife and made a new life for himself. In the end his family grew to 10 children between the ages of 1 to 19. He worked hard to support them and often times were very tough.

One thing that was obvious, Ezekiel was proud of his family and loved them dearly.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I will continue the story of Ezekiel. I am not asking that you like him though if you talked with him I think you would find it hard not to. I am asking rather that you read his story and know that for some life is a constant struggle between good and bad, right and wrong and that occasionally even those with good hearts stray into areas where they shouldn't. And that these people should not be cast aside as worthless or evil.

I am also not saying that their wrongs should not go unpunished. Ezekiel was fully aware of his wrongs and the debts he owed and paid to society for them.

I am not sure why he approached me that day or why he opened up to me in the way that he did. He was not after anything more than to talk and tell his story. I have held this story for the last few months not sure when to write about it. But yesterday I thought the week of Christmas would be the right time.

As those who have much in the way of family, love, success and prosperity prepare for Christmas maybe this story will cause you to pause for a moment and consider those for who life is a daily struggle. Think about them when you are sitting down for dinner, opening your gifts at the tree or attending services at your place of worship.

I am not asking you to feel guilty, but rather to keeps these people in your thoughts and prayers for it is them who need a Christmas miracle more then anyone.

Have a Great Day!


Chuck said...

I find it odd that someone who walk up to a total stranger and ask to be photographed. I would never think to do that. Were you with a group or alone?

Brian Bastinelli said...

I was with a group overall but we were out shooting individually at the time.

I was surprised by this too, not just in this case but in Savannah and Rapid City most notably and a few other spots as well.

I'm not sure what peoples motivations are but I will try and talk about the way I look at this in tomorrows post.

Barry Armer said...

This is a really cool shot Brian!

I don't know if this shot is technically considered "high-key" or not but that's the way I look at it. Any way you look at it you did a great job with what looks like pretty harsh lighting!

Well done!