#378- Ezekiel... Day 2


Hi everyone-

I wanted to continue a bit with the story of Ezekiel today.

One of the reasons I think he aproached me was because I think he was lonely. You could tell he was a proud man and that he had really been broken down. When I first met him I did not know his story and couldn't figure out what was going on with him but as we talked he began to open up and told me everything.

I say he was lonely because not only of his story which I will tell you in a minute but also because he lit up when someone passed by him and said hi or when someone he knew came up to talk.

Today's image was one such case. This young guy that he knew came by and he lit up called him over and they spoke. He was s different person during those occurances.

He was sad and defeated however when he told me the rest of his story.

As I mentioned yesterday he served his time and was released, got married and started his family. During the 18 years that followed he had ten children with his wife. He worked several odd jobs and worked for a landscaper. But supporting a family of 12 people was very difficult.

At this point in his life after having things together for so long he made another choice that would change his life forever. He began to burglarize a few places to be able to make a little extra money to make ends meet. Obviously a bad choice he continued non the less until he was arrested and sent to jail again. I forget what the sentence was but it was not very long.

In the time that he was in prison his wife took up with another man, turned over nine of their minor children over to protective services and left the state.

When Ezekiel was released from prison he returned home to find his wife had left him and abandoned their children.

The story is complicated and sad but Ezekiel is well aware of the role he played in how the story developed. He knows and readily admits his wrongs. Now he just wishes he could go back and do it all over again.

I'll end the story tomorrow and tell you about where Ezekiel is in his life and what he plans to do from here out and why I was drawn to this man and why I think our chance meeting occurred.

have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Outstanding moment, composition and post-processing!

Another home run!


Jan Klier said...


You not only stand out in the photos you take, but also the stories you tell through and around them.

One day you should take all these and put them in a book which showcases the people all around us from all walks of life and with amazing stories you rarely hear on CNN.

Thanks for sharing.


Larry J. Patrick said...

A real moment that you captured beautifully.