A Step In The Right Direction...



Hi everyone-

Hope you had a great weekend. It was a cold, windy and a little snowy here. Winter is arriving a little early for us which is fine with me!

Today's images are of the City Of Harrisburg Bureau of Fire's new tower ladder. It is a remount of a Baker Aerialscope on a new Pierce chassis and body.

This is one of the nicest pieces of apparatus that the city has ever purchased. That credit is owed to the members who served on the apparatus committee.

This truck should prove to be one of our most versatile and useful pieces. Hopefully the new Pierce engine which is slated to arrive shortly will be just as nice.

Have a great day!


Barry Armer said...


Think of the fantastic shots you could get from the vantage point of the bucket at the end of the ladder! Any chance they will let you borrow this rig to take to Yellowstone with you next year? LOL


Woody said...

Bring back the MACKS!!!

It is a nice rig though, I have to admit..

Brian Bastinelli said...

The Macks where were it's at. I agree they might have been my favorite piece of apparatus ever.

But this is up there very high!

Barry, how cool would it be to have something like this for all shoots. You could shoot from any vantage point you want.

I think the department and Yellowstone might have a problem with it though.