# 369, Near Simms, MT.


Hi everyone-

Sometimes I run into some issues with creativity in respect to an image or the creation of a blog post in general. It's somewhat like writer's block. I know everyones experiences this from time to time and it occurs for a variety of reasons.

When it happens it often brings me down and in turn I'm sure the resulting post might do the same to you. The intention of this blog is not for you to hear me complain or moan and groan about what I am doing or not able to do or come up with but rather for me to share my creativity with you.

I know that I hate reading blog posts that do just that so from now on I will work hard to make sure that does not happen here as well. If it does please fell free to let me know.

Beginning to day I am going to number my posts. Nothing special just the next number in line.

If ever you have a comments or suggestions for the blog or me please feel free to pass them along here or via email. I welcome your thoughts.

Today's image was shot along the road just west of Simms, Montana. The road is very much like this for the next 20 miles. It is one of my favorite stretches of road in the west. Desolate yet beautiful. The hills seem to roll on forever, well not forever but to the Rocky Mountains to the west and south and the great plains to the east and north.

Rolling hills of deep green in the the spring and summer and rolling hills of golden brown in the fall and winter.

Have a great day!


Woody said...

Simply a great photo!

How did you get the photo of Tower 1 to appear like it was on crinkled/worn paper??

Haney said...

This is wild. Looks like a scene from some claymation movie.

Jan Klier said...

I had the same reaction. It looks like a miniature world scene - like a model railroad. Interesting how you accomplished this in post. Was that your intention?

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey everyone-

Glad you liked the image. I did set out to make it look this way. It is a technique that I often use, sometimes it works out better than others.

I want to explain all of the techniques to you but I am currently working on some training tools to do that so I can't really let the cat out of the bag yet.

Please bare with me and I'll tell you soon!

Thanks for checking out the image!