#370- Morning at the Bend...


Hi everyone-

Today's image was shot back in' 05 at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park. This is a great spot for sunrise, sunset or any time of the day.

I love to visit this spot and the surrounding area. It is calm and peaceful. There may be a large amount of other people there at times but it still retains its peacefulness for the most part.

So I am off today. I have finally completed my exchange of duty paybacks. These are when one firefighter works for another and visa versa without using any holiday or sick time. Basically they work for you and then you work for them. This is one of the ways that I get long stretches of time off.

The downside is that at some point you have to pay that person back for the time they worked for you. But it's ok. It is really worth the time. The guys on the other shifts are great to work with and it's a nice change of pace. But doing tour for tour exchanges is rough on the schedule. So it's always nice for the paybacks to end.

Now it's time to start planning for next years adventures!

Have a great day!


Nick said...

This is one of my favorite spots in the US. With or without camera.