#387- Look Both Ways Before Crossing...



Hi everyone-

Greetings from rainy, icy, gray, no snow in site Pennsylvania! We had a 'storm' move though here last night and this morning that kinda fizzled which is good because it was to be a mostly ice event. There was some ice but not as bad as originally thought.

My problem with the whole thing is....WHERE IS THE SNOW!?! It's January and we need a good snowstorm!

Today's image was shot in NYC in October of this year. I really enjoy watching and photographing people in NYC and well anywhere for that matter. But New York is so diverse and interesting. I like to look at the people and imagine what their lives are like. Then create little stories in my mind about their lives. Maybe someday I'll start to write them down.

Have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Brian!

I like the way you used selective focus to simplify the shot somewhat and to let me know where you wanted me to look. Also I think its cool that the guy on the far left ties today's photo to yesterday's!


Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks Barry-

I am really glad you noticed him. I was unsure if anybody would. These two images where shot on the same corner in the time it took for the lights to cycle.

I tried to make a pano out of them but it was just a little too off to make it work.

Nick said...

I like also the focus. And from Ohio, where is the snow!