#411- You Never Know What You Might Find....



Hi everyone-

Yesterday I set out to shoot some textures and what ever else I might find. While I was walking around York I came across a what I though was a small used book store. When I went in I quickly learned that I was wrong...It was a HUGE used book store.

What I didn't realize that while you enter through a small store front the store wraps around other buildings and is quite large.


After a brief conversation with the shop owner I made my way through the store looking for treasure of both the photographic and tangable kind.

The owner gave me permission to shoot in the store as I wanted. Turns out he was a White House press pool photographer back in the day.


I found a ton of textures within the store that I am sure you'll see in the near future. I also found two old books that I plan on using to create some additional textures and backgrounds.

I found a small section of really old books that caught my attention right away. They had some what of a magical feel to them. They reminded me of a movie where the kid finds a book and opens it to be completely enveloped in an adventure. Then after reading about fantastic lands, magical places and unbelievable adventure the book is closed and the kid is back where he started.


So I took some shots and then on the main image for today tried to create a mystical look that went along with what I was thinking.

The rest of the images where also shot in the same area. I am definately going back for new discoveries and good conversation.

Have a great weekend!



Larry J. Patrick said...

I like photographs that show ordinary, every day items. I think they make you think about what is around you. You did a very good job seeing some interesting light and then an interesting take on the post processing.
Good job.

J. L. T. said...

Great Photos! Love that you work with textures now. Sunny greetings

Jan Klier said...

One of the more refreshing and great set of photos I've seen this week. And ordinary items on top of that.

A true photographic eye at work.


Larry J. Patrick said...

Congratulations on having two of your photographs printed in Photoshop User magazine. Great photos. Well deserved.

a passion 'n frames said...

love love love these old book images...really nice full of perfect tones...mood...excellent

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey everyone-

Thanks so much for the kind words. This was a lot of fun to shoot and process as it is kind of out of the ordinary for me.

i am really happy that you enjoyed them!