#412- I Got The Blues In Savannah, GA



Hi everyone-

I hope you all had a great weekend. I worked at the firehouse for most of, well all of it. We were busy with a lot of things, not really calls but other tasks that needed to be completed. (We really don't just sit around waiting for calls!!!) But we were able to have a great time because of the group of guys I work with. So even though we were really busy and we were really tired we had a fun time. What more can you ask for?

So today's image was shot back in May of last year while I was in Savannah, GA. It is of a band called Bottles and Cans. They are a great blues band from that area and I have to tell you one of my favorites. Please take a moment to check them out on their website. If you like the blues I think you will really enjoy these guys.

The image was shot in a bar called the Warehouse in Savannah. It's down along the river front. It was kinda hard to shoot there because these guys were tucked in a small corner at the front of the bar and there wasn't a lot of room to move around and shoot.

So most of my images from there are pretty tight. In this one I wanted to create and image that kinda looked like a promotional poster or something like that.

I hope you enjoy the image and please check out the band at: bottlesandcans.com and at www.myspace.com/bottlescanssav

Oh, as an add on... let me tell you a little about how this image was created. It started as two Lensbaby shots, which are posted below in their RAW state. I blended them together so that both of the guys were in focus. As you can see below the exposure wasn't great on either.

So I decided to "rescue" the image with a little post work. After blending the two images I played around with the exposure and blending modes. Then I added textures and borders. I would love to tell you more but I didn't really keep track of all the changes that I made here and it was some time ago now.

Here are the RAW images...




Bradley Myers said...

I like it Brian, I know you mentioned before about Craig doing this and you wanting to try it. I guess between Photoshop User and what you have been doing on here I will be looking for a new truck partner soon.

By the way I did read your post and now you have admitted you effection for the guys you work with, I knew it was only a matter of time, LOl.

Barry Armer said...

Nice job on the post-processing "rescue" Brian!

It does have the look of promotion materials for the band!

Well done!

Larry J. Patrick said...

I like your post processing. It gives the final photo just the edge that it needed to pop off the screen (or paper). Nice job.