#413- Walter, Savannah, GA



Hi everyone-

Today's image was shot in May of 08 along River Street in Savannah GA. This is a great spot to go in the afternoon and evening to listen to, watch and photograph street performers.

I think my hands down favorite is Walter. He sings and plays the guitar and is an all around great guy. He knocks out song after song with his unique sound similar to that of the old blues men of days gone buy.

He is a great guy to get to know and talk to and I look forward to every time I get to see him.

The image started out in great just before sunset light and was pretty colorful with a lot of warm and cool colors. But there was something about the image that I just didn't like. Maybe a color cast, I'm not sure, just something. So I tried converting to black and white, and toning the image. It seemed to work a lot better.

Have a great day!